Stitch Fix #2…another 5/5??

Hello again! So, I finally requested another fix! I had waited because I was getting many trunks from Trunk Club (Trunk Club #2…the red dress. and Trunk Club #3…) and wanted to wait until I “needed” something so I wouldn’t feel so guilty spending money! See my first fix here: The day my first stitch fix arrived…

I was getting desperate for work pants and thought it would be a good time to request a fix. I didn’t want to request specific items, because I felt I would be disappointed. Plus, my stylist is supposed to pick items, right? So, I gave my stylist a long list (about 10 types of items) that I wanted. The list went something like this: black work pants, colorful work pants, distressed jeans, work dresses, oversized cardigan, yellow cropped cardigan, yellow ballet flats..pinterest board items (My board) etc.

Item 1- Liverpool Anita  Skinny Pant $78

These were really comfortable. They were super long…about 5 inches too long, but being skinny pants I was able to roll them under easily. I am concerned that they may be too big and start sagging, but like I said, I am desperate for black work pants.

Verdict- Keep? Wish I could exchange the size and to petite, but none left in different size.

Item 2- Daniel Rainn Bellaire Crew Neck Blouse $64


Even though I did not request any tops, I was very happy with this pick. It is exactly my style  made me very thankful that my stylist gets me! I tried it tucked in and untucked…what one looks better?

Verdict: Keep.

Item 3- 41Hawthorn Lezley Shirt Dress $78


I had “peeked” at my fix before I received it and searched high and low for this dress. I found and had pinned other 41Hawthorn shirt dresses, but not the “Lezley”. When I opened my box and saw the pattern and style, I did not like it. However, I thought it might look good on, so I tried it on. I actually really like the way it looks, but am not 100% sold at this point, given the price. However, it would be $7 to keep it…so I think that might happen. haha

Verdict- Keep?

Item 4- RD Style Chara Open Cardigan $74


I was excited I was getting a cardigan but did not know the cut or style until I opened the box. I loved the color right away and it felt so comfortable. My first pictures of it made it look like a bathrobe…and it made me think not to get it. But then I relooked at the oversized cardigans I pinned and saw ways to style it and fell in love again.

Verdict: Keep.

Item 5- Market and Spruce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt $48

When I saw this was coming, I was very surprised. Again, I did not request any tops. Now, I saw other people getting it and thought it was cute, but previous experience with plaid shirts made me think it would not be comfortable. I had assumed it was flannel, as most plaid shirts are and was pleasantly surprised when it was very thin, soft and comfortable. I wasn’t sold on it until I saw my picture with it on..very cute! I even did more research into the people that got it and EVERYONE kept it!

Verdict: Keep.

So, with everything my total would be $342, but with the buy 5 discount and $20 styling fee credit, the total is 236.50 (plus CA!) So, like I said, keeping all items is better then returning one. If I end up not wearing something, I might sell it in the Facebook Stitch Fix buy, sell, trade page.

And I need to take a moment to thank my stylist JANA! This girl is amazing. She listened to my request and added other items that represented my style perfectly! I feel that she really gets me and cared enough to look at my pinterest page and not just give me exact items I’ve pinned, but similar items in my style! This is my second fix and have had her both times and have had 5/5 both times…amazing!

Thanks for reading!!


If you are interested in Stitch Fix, here is my link:My link

Interested in Trunk Club, here is my link:My Trunk Club Stylist

Trunk Club #3…

Was the third time a charm? Without any communication with my stylist about what I was looking for, she put together another trunk for me. Now the few times before I chose to keep things from the trunk because I actually liked them ( Trunk Club #1) (Trunk Club #2…the red dress.). I did not feel any obligation to buy anything.

So, here came my 3rd box…at 9pm at night!

Here is a picture overview of the items:

Here is the item name and price:

I ended up liking 4 of the items. The Eliza J dress for $138, James Perse cotton and cashmere knit top for $145, James Perse cotton v neck tee for $65 and the Kate Spade wallet for $188.

I kept stalking my app thinking the prices would be reduced, but they never were. 😦

I almost didn’t even take pictures of the items, but I wanted to like something more, so I tried them on again and took the pictures. I’m so happy I did. It confirmed to me that I was not in love with anything in this trunk and things were very expensive.

Overall I think I made the right decision by returning everything. I left detailed feedback and requested things more my style and in my price range for the next trunk. Fingers crossed! 🙂

My stitch fix box is coming next week and I requested work pants and dresses….plus anything from my pinterst page (My pinterest board). So, I’m excited and hopeful about that!

If you are interested in trying trunk club here is my link:My stylist

Thanks for reading!!


Also, If you are interested in trying Stitch fix here is my link: Stitch Fix stylist

Trunk Club #2…the red dress.

So, without realizing or knowing what I was doing, I accidentally ordered another trunk. Or at least that is what I thought. It turns out my stylist will send out random trunks to see if you are interested in anything. (Great way to make me spend money!) Now, of course I had to approve items to be sent, but still very surprising.

If you are interested in getting Trunk Club click here (I get credit when someone joins using my link): Meet my stylist Sophia!


The ugly and make me look like I have swollen old lady feet!


Verdict: NO.

Then there was this dress. A wrap dress…which would be okay, but then all the frill around my chest and still not enough coverage.


Verdict: NO.

The light pink cardigan was very basic and had nothing interesting.


Verdict: NO.

The scarf. Now, I thought I would like this when I previewed it, but there was WAY too much fabric!


Verdict: NO.

The necklace. It was very cute and reasonably priced, but was just a little boring.


Verdict: NO.

The jean shorts. Hudson jean shorts. I really liked them. They were comfortable and a good length, but they were $99!


Verdict: NO.

The light wash jeans….fit very cute and were different than anything I had. When I looked up the brand (Treasure and Bond) I found out that some proceeds go to a good cause.


Verdict: YES.

Pink basic shirt. Very cute and comfortable. I love the color and it was just so easy to wear. I’ve been trying to get away from the whole “jeans and t shirt look” but…just not today. lol.

Verdict: YES.

Then there is the red dress…its the only thing I really fell in love with in the whole trunk. It is 100% silk, needs to be dry cleaned, gets wrinkly easily, and is $145! MANY negatives for me. However, it feels and looks so good on, plus it has pockets! I am struggling with this one. I also found it on the brand website ( for $59.


Verdict: Asked stylist about the price and hoping Trunk Club with price match. If not, I will not keep it from my trunk and just order it off the other website. No word yet.

That’s all for this trunk! Thanks for reading!

If you think I should rethink something or have any questions about names or prices (or discounted prices), just ask! 🙂 Also, if you are interested in my other clothing service (Stitch Fix), check out my review! The day my first stitch fix arrived…


Farmer’s Market Sunday

I love going to the local Farmer’s Market on Sundays. I usually don’t get much stuff, but I like the vibe and walking through. If I have a meal idea in mind for the week, I will pick up the fresh ingredients though.


This week it had been a while since I walked through and was craving this veggie sandwich I make with all fresh ingredients. Specifically I was needing alfalfa sprouts. None of the natural grocery stores have it because of the short shelf life, so I have to buy it at the Farmer’s Market.

So, I picked up my sprouts, cucumber, and avocado for my sandwich, plus some very thin asparagus for a snack later in the week.


Part of this Sunday routine is also stopping at Whole Foods across the street and Petco to look at all the cute kitties! 🙂

Overall, a very relaxing Sunday! Enjoy!


HAULS: Bath and Body Works,Target, Dollar Tree, 99Cent Store

Hi again! So, I already feel like I’m forgetting something I wanted to include in this…but I am excited about a few things I bought recently. First of all, it is the Bath and Body Works sale time!!! I was very excited to try out a few new things and get my favorite soaps on sale!

Now, I have not tried everything yet, but I did try out the CO Bigelow Apothecaries: My favorite night balm at the recommendation of one of my favorite you tubers JamBeauty89 JAMBeauty89 youtube  (seriously, if you like make up, check out her you tube channel). So, I tried it immediately, and I love it!! It is a chapstick/balm type product that is so nice, I love it! I love it so much, I put some on right now!

AHHH I just remembered what I thought I was going to forget! lol I did 2 Target trips! Now, let me explain, I live walking distance to a Target…so I go ALL the time!

So Target “haul” #1 (or shopping trip, lol) I got a whole bunch of Target and manufacturer coupons to try different makeup and beauty products, so here was my logic…get it and try it while it is so cheap instead of waiting. So I picked up all these products, I haven’t tried them all yet, but when I do I may do some reviews! As of now I have tried the Garnier night cream for about a week. I am really liking it which is a surprise because I was concerned about modifying my skin care routine that finally made my skin manageable! (I’ll tell you about the skin care routine later).

Oh, so scatter brain me just remembered, I also bought a few items at 99cent store and dollar tree that look fun. From this bunch, I’ve tried the Milani eye shadows and they are okay..they go on smoothly, but seem less pigmented then they look in the package..which may actually be a good thing. lol I’ve also tried the pink wet n wild eye shadow and the brushes…both are good! I’m excited and a little scared to try the Maybelline Tattoo Eyeshadow…I can’t believe it was only $1!! Also, I never tried fake eyelashes, so those should be fun and the Aziza blush looks like a great color! Can’t wait to try it!!

So, moving on to Target Haul #2. I “needed” things for my river trip where I will be in 115 degree weather outside on a boat all days. I “needed” SPF chapstick and SPF for my hair. Now, I found the chapstick, but I could not find any SPF hair product! Anyone know of any?? So, of course I got some hair Sea Salt spray, toothpaste, a stipple brush and the Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brown hair (I’ve been dying to try this!) and not pictured: an ELF stick foundation product (not the one I thought it was, I thought I was getting a clear moisturizing stick… grr.).

So this has been my craziness….at least part of it…lol I have also done some shoe shopping and clothes shopping outside of Trunk Club and Stitch Fix, so I may get to those soon! 🙂

Ideas: shoes, clothes, skin care routine, recipes, vlogging, you tubers I love…

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


Trunk Club #1

Hello! So, I got my first Trunk Club a few weeks ago (as well as about a million other things that I want to share about) but I was feeling kind of weird..probably allergies…so I didn’t have the energy to do a whole “dress up” session like I did with my Stitch Fix box (The day my first stitch fix arrived…).

So it may have been me or the box, but the Trunk Club box was just not as exciting. I don’t know…it just I talked with my stylist and approved my stuff before it came and I wasn’t too excited about anything in general…plus…the PRICES were CRAZY!!! I mean, $215 for jeans? Those better be perfectly in love amazing jeans….they were not. BUT I did know what I was getting myself into when I signed up, but it was free and fun.

Now, the items surprised me in that the things I thought for sure I was not getting, are the things I liked! lol I got a green cargo jacket and a hat! And that is what I like about this whole “stylist” process…they pick things I would never try…and I like them!

Oh! And another amazing thing that happened is when I went to check out, MANY items were discounted!! That was really cool. And honestly, I would have bought 2 more items if they fit me right (a Kate Spade shirt and a scalloped shirt), both were short. SOOO annoying! Oh and I did fall in love with one shirt…a Vince shirt. $125 for a tshirt. I was so tempted, but am proud of myself for resisting! 🙂

OVERALL I liked the experience and would definitely do it again…I’ll probably wait a 3 or 4 months though.

If you want to see pictures of anything, let me know! 🙂

Also, below are my referral links for many things, feel free to try them out!

Thanks for reading!


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Elf Haul!

Hello! So, after watching may YouTube beauty vloggers, I decided to try some products myself! I did video tape myself doing this…and once I get brave enough I may post! 🙂 But these were my first impressions and results 4 hours later.

Things I ordered because I wanted to try:

High Definition Powder (sheer)

First impression: Wow! This made a big difference. I love this! I wonder how the yellow one works?

4 hours later: Where did it go? Did I use it right? I want to put it on again. I love this stuff!


Contour Palette

First impression: This is my first real contour palette. Which darker color do I use? I really like the brown color, easy to apply. Looks great! The yellow highlight is cool too! I will use this all the time!

4 hours later: Still love my contour! Colors stay put.


Shadow lock eyelid primer (sheer) $4 (.5 oz)

First impression: SMELL! It smells like glue and seems to go on white. It needs time to dry. Once it dries, it is no longer white. Also, the smell is not noticeable once it’s on.

4 hours later: Eye shadows still on, no creasing. Very Matte looking


Pro eye shadow primer (clear) $2 (.33 oz)

First impressions: It is not sheer in the tube. Goes on clear and very soft, like petroleum jelly. No scent. Needs time to dry before putting shadow on.

4 hours later: Eye shadow still on, no creasing.


Instant lift brow pencil (Deep brown)

First impression: Do I need to use a brow pencil? How do I do this? Is this color too dark? Overall it looked nice. I liked the packaging compared to the other ELF brow kit.

4 hours later: Some itching. Is this just in my head? Lol Maybe it has to do with the brow gel?


Clear brow and lash mascara

First impressions: This is weird to put on…which side is which? Am I putting enough on, this feels dry.

4 hours later: The itching…in my head? Lol Not sure.


Gotta glow lip tint (Perfect Pink)

First impressions: I love this! It’s so smooth and hydrating. Color enhances as you wear it, I thought it was clear at first, but the color pigmented! I want all the colors! I will wear this every day!

4 hours later: Well, I took it off to try my matte lip colors…


Long wear lip liner pencil (Bitter)

First impressions: Ouch why is it so sharp and hard on my lip? Oh…I don’t have to press hard…oh it goes on nicely…that was easy. I really like the color and was surprised how well it matched my matte color (I had wanted the clear color, but they were sold out.

4 hours later: After eating dinner and drinking…still on slightly, no smearing. Very impressed!


Matte lip color (Wine)

First impression: Oh…this is much smoother than I thought. It’s moisturizing. Easy to put on. I don’t look like a clown…

4 hours later: After eating and drinking…still on lightly. I would probably reapply if going out. Very wearable.


PINK 6 piece gift set

Baked blush (passion pink)

First impressions: This looks like a color I already have, other reviewers did not seem to like it. This is a nice color for my skin tone. It looks good with the contour palette. It swatches very light, but goes on well on the cheeks.

4 hours later: I don’t think I see it. Is it still there or did it get lost in my contour/blush blending? I will try it again.


Flawless eye shadow (tantalizing taupe)

Since I got it as a free gift and was testing the eye shadow primers, I used this to help test the primers. As always the brush that came with it sucks, but I like how it explains all the steps! Makes it simple for me! As for the colors…they seemed off. So, the one that looked dark actually showed up as lighter than the others.

4 hours later: Still good.

Cream eyeline (Coffee) and Angled eye liner brush

Never thought I would want to try this kind of eye liner, so I am glad I got it free in the gift set. First of all the brush that comes with it is weird. But the color is good. I’ve been wanting a brown eyeliner! So, I tried putting on my bottom lashes with the Angled Eye Liner Brush…I LOVE that combo! Amazing kind of brush! YES!

4 hours later: Still on…with the imperfections when applying…lol Be careful.

Other items received but not tested: Blush brush and Matte lip color (dash of pink).

So, that’s my first Elf haul review! 🙂

Upcoming ideas: My skin care routine, trunk club review, Dollar Tree and Big lots hauls…

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